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The New CEB General Manager inspected CCC Polpitiya-Hambantota 220kV Line Project Sites

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On August 29, 2021, the newly appointed General Manager (hereinafter referred as GM), Project Manager of CEB (hereinafter referred as PM) and the chairman of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (hereinafter referred as SEA) inspected the Polpitiya-Hambantota 220kV transmission line project in Sri Lanka contracted by CCC.

GM of CEB was briefed on the project construction progress, and inspected the construction site. He fully affirmed CCC’s working ability and achievements in advancing the project construction by taking multiple measures of overcoming the difficulties and ensuring safety and quality under the prevailing situation of COVID-19. He also expressed his appreciation for CCC’s contribution of using local human resources and the philosophy of actively using localized management to promote the sustainable development of overseas projects. Furthermore, CEB hopes that CCC can join in more projects of CEB to strengthen further cooperation and to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Picture 1: CEB inspects the construction sites. Including: Chairman of SEA (first from left), Project Manager of CEB (third from left), General Manager of CEB (third from right), Project Manager of CCC (second from right)

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